Sunday, 28 September 2014

metal mickey

Caught the tail end of Jenni's E2NB run on the drive to Gullane. Hoped to run up from the beach to cheer them on but they had gone.

Ran back to beach after checking out the Ryder Cup wannabees on the golf course.

Furry caterpillars on the rampage

low tide

I could have happily dawdled among the shells and rocks today after yesterday's exertions.

Mary was pushing to sprint harder taxing my trashed legs - I knew the only way to slow her down was to make her laugh so I said I was being chased by Metal Mickey.

After a 5 miler we climbed into wet suits for a submergathon

It did seem quite a bit colder today - I was also doing these faces as the cold water gets in your zip and neck line and slithers down your back. Not sure if it was the low tide or just imagined. Also the water seemed quite murky in places.

I made Mary duck under about 4 times and thought I was taking photos but this is all I got. Working the camera through a poly bag in wet suit gloves is tricky - currently looking into a waterproof one, although I do like the distortions caused by the poly-window and not really knowing what the result's like till you get home.

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