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Portobello Beach Race and Fun Run


I missed the inaugural Beach Race last year as we were away crewing for the WHW, so was pleased this year to be able to make it the third event in my race weekend. Getting out of bed was the hardest part of the day. I had avoided the caffeine call to stay up very late tweaking photos but I was still feeling the effort of the first 2 events and there had been a certain amount of prize beer and wine sampling. And the weather was far from promising. The forecast was for dry and overcast, but when I stepped outside to wait for Steve who was giving me another lift along the road (thanks Steve!) the drizzle made me return for a waterproof. The drizzle got heavier and remained until the kids had run their mile along the beach and went off just before the main event got under way.

First girl was Emma Johnson

Angus Wright must have caught Emma just before the line. His mum was second lady in the adults race.

Sandy's daughter Zoe was third girl.

Ian (race director) and Greta. 

Ruby (with dad Mark) was unsure about how much she enjoyed the whole racing business

Next up, the adults race. When I saw Dave Ward was lining up (him of the hair) I wondered had I been a bit quick to say in response to enquiries about who had beaten who the day before, that he had triumphed but I was closing the gap and expected a draw today if he showed up. At the time I was unaware Dave had done a Parkrun on Saturday and that probably accounted for my getting to within a few seconds of him at Traprain. Blessedly ignorant of this we set off down the Prom shoulder to shoulder and stayed that way onto the beach through the Frigate Burn and along the sand towards the turn before Seafield. 

photo David Allwood

If you go fast enough you can walk on water.

Big thanks to Bob Marshall for supporting the race, his third or 4th event of the weekend as well.

synchronised running

I used to dislike the Porty 4 mile road race: the main road of car showrooms is an ugly piece of running and the prom is far too familiar from Wednesday training to enjoy. So I was delighted when our annual race became a beach race. It's a great use of our unique setting and the combination of Prom and beach make for a good course - much improved from the previous in my opinion. (I am an off-roader at heart.) And the couple of stream crossings and the tidal difference from year to year adds to the fun. 

Kirk to Enterprise: beam me up Scotty
photo David

photo David

first lady Shona McIntosh, HBT
equalled Nicola's benchmark time set last year
photo David

photo David

Gav puts this down to too many espressos earlier

Vibram Five Fingers
I noticed there was another guy running barefoot, and one of the kids as well.

All was going pretty well to the turn. The course was very well marshalled and fortunately I had made a note of where it went although I hadn't anticipated being quite so far forward. However at the turn around David L and the flag it became apparent that there would be a fairly noticeable wind in our face for the 2 miles back along the beach. There were a couple of streams to jump across but no deep water, and the tide was below the groynes this year. I went possibly too far left in search of slightly drier sand and it turned out to be a bit more rippled. Looking at the photos I see Dave appears less trashed than myself and I did have the feeling he was running alongside me just for navigational purposes. After we had passed the final groyne, and the route to the end of the prom was was peopled by marshalls, Dave made his move and I was too knackered to stay with him. Top marks to Mr Ward and his 4 race weekend. 

However I was pleased to finish 2nd and represent the home team on the podium. The course is tough but much more fun than the old tarmac version. And if the sun popped out a bit it would be even better.

another satisfied customer

Megan - second lady

Craig. I think he is signalling four races (he also ran Black Rock and Traprain). I think the 3rd might have been the fun run earlier with his son.

Gavin: delighted with his victory despite ample evidence to the contrary.

proper race to the line

Monica, not as crisply in focus as Henry's sleeve.

Ian, possibly regretting the earlier effort, ran in the adults race as well.

day three, race three, prize three (second overall)
photo Shery

There were lots of homebakes afterwards including these beach themed biscuits.
photo (and head chef) Rebecca

The biscuits and traybakes afterwards were perhaps compensation for a rather abbreviated prize list (only m & f, 1,2,3, no age groups or teams) and a big thanks to all who contributed, and to Ian and Jenni who organised and Douglas (website and results) and Jenny who always gets roped into helping.

Bob's photos
David's photos

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